Monday, August 3, 2009

Brain teaser anyone again??

leather shoes are worn in bowling

and rubber soled sneakers are worn in tennis

in what sport are all metal shoes worn?

Brain teaser anyone again??
Horse shoes
Reply:anything with horses
Reply:Thats easy....

Horse racers (jockeys) use all metal shoes.
Reply:first thing that came to mind was soccer but also hockey and jockeys wear metal shoes
Reply:Horse racing

Football and Soccer don't always wear metal cleats. And you're probably not talking about tap shoes.

So, I'll stick with Golf shoes.
Reply:Ice skating? you know with the blades?
Reply:umm...any sport with horses? like polo?
Reply:horse racing?
Reply:Horse shoes!! of course
Reply:soccer, baseball, and hockey
Reply:horse racing,what else
Reply:I don't know.... sword fighting knights
Reply:soccer, and baseball.
Reply:Horse racing.
Reply:hockey the blades are metal

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